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Oh Great!  I am so glad you found us!  Welcome to Main Street!

Who We Are

Main Street Sparkle is an online boutique that specializes in apparel and accessories made specifically for the "Main Street Mama". We hope you love everything you're seeing and just so you aren't "talking" to strangers, let me introduce myself.

Niki Milford_Main Street SparkleMy name is Niki and I am the founder of Main Street Sparkle.
A true southern girl with just a bit of sass to prove it, 
I married my high school sweetheart over 20 years ago.

Just like most families, we are busy just trying to keep up with everything that needs to get done. Our family is 
always on the go, our two teenage boys make sure of it.

These days if I'm not helping my mom run our family medical billing business, training my Color Street team, or at a school activity for the kids, you will find me coaching cheerleading.

My greatest wish is that being barefoot in public was acceptable (but believe me, I totally understand repercussions of that) and I have no shame admitting that I am a Dunkin' Diva. To say I am a Disney die-hard doesn't seem to do my love for chasing "the magic" much justice, but nonetheless, it's true. I live this crazy life in cute, comfy tees and a messy bun and glitter is my favorite color.

Main Street Sparkle…

...happened by kismet.
As I mentioned above I am a cheerleading coach and in my previous life, I owned a cheerleading gym. Like any good coach (and mama bear) I wanted my girls to stand out. So I did what any insane coach would do, I created my first t-shirt design. 18 years later, the gym is no longer but my love for creating hasn't stopped. In 2016 I started selling instead of just designing and Main Street Sparkle was established.

Feeling comfy, empowered, and confident is how I want every single woman to feel when wearing the shirt that they just "have to have". So quality is a standard I won't compromise. I want your favorite tee to last as long as you need it to.

If you want to get to know me and my family a bit better, you can follow our adventures at #mymilfordmadness. Thanks for stopping by Main Street! May you leave your sparkle everywhere you go.

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